Under $25k traders should NOT go Professional

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    >Professional and exchange fees at Pro firms often add up to $500 a month.

    You CAN find a firm that charges no fees.

    >By trading carefully and not letting risk getting out of hand with personal capital (as opposed to leveraged capital), trading with say $15k of personal capital at a pro firm will be difficult to say the least.

    You CAN find a firm that requires NO CAPITAL, and gives you a lot more capital than 15K to work with assuming you prove yourself.

    >Futures daytrading will boom as a result of the decline in stock daytrading.

    The market has never been moved by small potato accounts, the lack of activity from < 25K accounts will be more than made up by 4 to 1 leverage from bigger accounts.

    If you can't make money trading stocks (I assume you can't if your account is less than 25K), what make you think you can do it with futures? With the increased leverage futures will wipe out newbies at a much faster rate.

    Bottomline, scout out your area for a firm that requires little to no capital contribution, that allows you to trade with their money. This is your BEST possible option. Sounds too good to be true? I am 21 and I have no degree and I found a firm that took me. It can happen to you too!
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  2. Hitman,

    What happens if you blow your personal $ stake that you put up when you joined. Does the company still allow you to trade their money and keep some of the post-commission profits, if your own money has been blown away?
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    I put up $1000, I lost as much as $4500 at one point.

    My friend next to be is down $20K. No problem whatsoever. Still trading, 600 shares, 6 positions, 85% payout, of course, he probably won't see any real check until the year is over.
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