Undeclared Gore running 2nd in Gallop Poll

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  1. Undeclared Gore Ties Obama For Second Place Among Dems In New Gallup Poll

    June 18, 2007 05:15 PM

    If Al Gore runs for the Democratic presidential nomination, the former vice president appears to draw evenly from the top two contenders, Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.

    Each loses roughly five percentage points to Gore if his name is included among the hopefuls, according to a new nationwide Gallup survey of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. Clinton holds a wide lead over the field, either way -- suggesting that a Gore run might not affect the outcome at all.

  2. Gore is more electable than either Hillary, or Obama...

    At least he is a white male...I still say no way red-necked cowboy loving, NASCAR watching America elects a woman or a black man...we are going to have to see them as Vice Presidents first.

    It's been eight years now, and Gore is undefeated in a popular election for president and vice president...and he didn't even lose an election in the past 8 year time frame where he said "You won't have Al Gore to kick around any more."

    Don't get me wrong, I am not a Gore fan, nor Hillary, nor Obama, and don't get me started on the 3 stooges names McCain, Rudy, and Romney.

    Unquestionably though, Gore is the most qualified in terms of real life experience among the front runners in either party...
  3. Gore is the only electable Dem in the mix.

    Z, the normally pro-Obama Chicago Sun Times is just HAMMERING him on his relationship with an indicted fund raiser who's had cozy business/real estate/contributions with the Senator.

    The story doesn't go away and the new details make Obama look very Chicagoish....
  4. "Gore is the only electable Dem in the mix."

    He is a white male...and heterosexual.

    Which Gore voters wouldn't vote for him again?

    Which Bush voters would not vote for Gore?

    Done deal, if he wants it...

  5. "Gore is the only electable Dem in the mix."

    He is a white male...and heterosexual.

    Which former Gore voters wouldn't vote for him again?

    Which former Bush voters would not vote for Gore this time around, choosing to vote for a loozer repub?

    Done deal, if he wants it...and if he listens to the handlers.

    Very smart move by the dems not to try and impeach Bush. Bush being in office is the best thing that has happened to dems in a long time, and the longer he is visible as the leader of the party that got us into Iraq, the better shot they have...if Gore or another white straight male is running.

    Hillary, and Obama are not electable.


    Of course, neither is Ron Paul, the septuagenarian.

  6. man


    his real problem, and i'm serious in this!, is his weight
    gain. americans might vote for someone old, but not for
    someone so obviously aging in front of their eyes. if he
    wants to run ... he has to run.
  7. he has already decided to run... they have already decided he is running. the globalist want a global carbon tax and this is the guy that saves the day. he brings the UN into iraq... implements a carbon tax.... socializes health care.... the oligarchs wanted war so they brought in the chimp... now they want communism so they bring in the chump. chimp and chump........... only one man can save us from this slavery.
  8. Impeach him for what ?
  9. No, his real problem is he lies every time he opens his mouth.
  10. man


    this profound statement leaves me ... speechless.
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