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    Daughter & Dad Reunite, Make Baby

    It would have been a beautiful reunion story. Last year, Penny Lawrence, 28, set out to find her birth father whom she had never met. From her home in Ireland, she was able to track Garry Ryan, 46, down in Texas. They met, connected ... and then connected a little too much. She's now pregnant with his baby.

    It is beyond disturbing and completely and utterly unfathomable to me that something like this could happen, but they act as if it's the most natural, beautiful thing in the world. They say they're in love and deny that it's incest. Instead they say they are victims of Genetic Sexual Attraction. Lawrence told The Sun:

    We are not committing incest, but are victims of GSA. We’ve never experienced a father-daughter relationship, so we’re just like any other strangers who meet in adulthood.

    Only he's your BIOLOGICAL FATHER. You are not like strangers at all. This attraction may or may not be a real thing, I don't care. Even if you're attracted to someone, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SLEEP WITH THEM. Keep your feelings repressed and move on.

    Ryan told the paper:

    It’s no different than if I met Penny in a bar. I’d have fallen for her as I have now. It doesn't feel like we are doing anything wrong.

    Only it's illegal ... and disgusting.

    I'm sure it's tough to grow up without a father, but it still doesn't excuse or explain such a relationship. Apparently Ryan tried to marry Lawrence's mother when she first found out she was pregnant at 18, but he says her family "disapproved of the relationship and didn't want me around." Sounds like they were smart people.

    If there wasn't a baby involved, I would be more willing to turn a disgusted blind eye to the whole mess, but when you bring a child into it, it's just flat-out wrong. They are clearly not mentally stable enough to serve as parents to this child, and I hope someone intervenes to see that they don't.

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  4. Several factors may contribute to GSA. People commonly rank faces similar to their own as more attractive, trustworthy, etc. than average.

    Heredity produces substantial physical similarity between close relatives. However, Bereczkei (2004) attributes this in part to childhood imprinting on the opposite-sex parent.

    Shared interests and personality traits are commonly considered desirable in a mate.

    The heritability of these qualities is a matter of great debate; to whatever extent they are heritable, they will tend to cluster in close relatives.

    In cases of parent-child attraction, the parent may recognize traits of their sometime mate in the child. Such reunions typically produce complex emotions in all involved.


    I'd have to say this was my first thought.

    "In cases of parent-child attraction, the parent may recognize traits of their sometime mate in the child."

    This example is a good reason for sealed adoption records.

    No one knows what to do with their emotions when they find their biological parent.
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