"Uncomfortably Strong Bull Market"

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    Just saw this Interesting article and video on the current bull market on Bloomberg.

    Any vetrans 10+ years who have seen various bull markets and can comment will be good.

    I personaly belive in the logic and seem to make sense from a cyclical bull market standards (if there is such a thing).


  2. He's describing a very typical bull market. I think it is all going to hell within the next few years (sovereign debt is astronomical) but the bull could play out as he describes first.
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    Worst is that we and along with other nations get a deeper recession but world has been through something like this iin the past.

    There are always two sides to things Optimistic would be one. Trading makes your thinking "Flexible"
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    Bulls come back roaring
  5. corporate earnings LOL.... I guess you can call them that after the bar was lowered to a near all time low.

    Good luck with the 18 month bull market.

    can't seem to stay above the 12500 mark... Economic Data is looking weaker, Baltic Dry Index is looking stale.

    Governments can't afford for the market to crash as the boomers are starting to draw from their 401, or more like 201ks.

    So, I would say..>Range Bound for more than 18 months is more like it.
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    So it looks like its straight to new highs from here!!!!!

    No trend reversal means SPX to 1600 by mid summer and about 1800 by end of 2011.....No risk at all!
  8. You guys pls stop talking about a bull run in SPX. Each time you do that the market tips over. This is the results of those data mining robots scanning forum posts and twitter for taking the opposite side of the crowds.

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    They are making it Uncomfortable right now.
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