Uncle Sam wants a $2 Trillion increase on his credit card.

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  1. You're kidding. Right?


    And to think we let people like you vote.

    I'm going to put you on ignore for wasting my time with that stupid video.

    Your stupidity and child-like mind needs no intelligence to counter, but requires lots of patience. Patience I do not have. Ignored.
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  2. maxpi


    this fkbushites and Vhenn duo here sure are some stupid bastards.. if people would not quote them most of us could forget they exist..

    I saw Obama answer a question during the campaign that was a real tell.. the question was "why pursue tax and spend when it's proven to be bad for the economy".. BO didn't try to say that it was not bad for the economy, he says "people that vote for me are more interested in taxing the wealthy"

    BO is about class warfare, instituting national health care as in the Marxist first step towards taking over a country.. etc.. that's all the Most Merciful Supreme Leader is about. He and all his kind care nothing at ALL what they do to an economy, absolutely care not at all for the economy, it's all just evil capitalism to them so he's the perfect puppet for Wall Street in a lot of ways... it could be a rough ride from here on out, I'd keep my seat belt on... I'm still wondering just how "jobless" this recovery will be and how many jobless recoveries we can have before we don't recover at all...
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  3. you think the earth is 6000 years old and you have the nerve to call other people stupid?
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  4. Ok, so it's retard day on ET.

    Are you stating Republican policy of no Taxation and massive borrowing is the answer to fund Govt.?

    I know you people love big guns and tanks. How do you propose we pay for your small penis syndrome?

    As for the "Jobs". Go have a sit down with Bush. He actively promoted shipping jobs to China and importing cheap illegals.

    Try to use some semblance of intelligence to re-connect your logical disconnects.

    Then again, it's retard day every day on this site.

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  5. Very Good Point! However, my bigger concern is the number of Democrats (Homosexuals Included) that are, or are supportive to Illegal Aliens?
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