Uncle Sam wants a $2 Trillion increase on his credit card.

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    if you compare the population of China, its saving culture and yet it takes them a few generations to accumulate 2T, one can only dread the consequences on the US with its population size and spending habits
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  2. of course most of this new spending is bailouts to keep the bush economic diasater from getting worse.
    in addition i believe they are putting war spending on budget now where bush ran the war off budget.
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  3. War spending? In 2006 Pelousi was going to stop that. In 2008 Obama said he was going to stop that.

    How can there still be war spending?
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  4. obama has failed on that one so far. he was convinced by the military advisors to slow down.
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  5. What you said makes no sense as usual. If your wife runs up her credit card to the max, how is YOU raising her limit and HELPING her spend even more money going to help? Its not. Common sense tells you that spending more does not help. It will only keep you going for a little longer and makes it a whole lot worse in the end.
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  6. if your wife had a heart attack because she was too heavy do you tell her we are not going to spend any money to keep you alive until you loose weight or do you try to stabilize her and then attempt to get her to loose some fat?
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  7. Indeed. If the limit gets extended, why bother having a limit?
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    if money is scare, only let her drink soup eat vege, save and loose weight and good for health
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  9. Bush thought he would be smart by signing the TARP act and then letting Obama take the fall for handing out the money.

    Seems the only people Bush managed to fool, are....well fools like you.

    Don't be so hard on yourself for voting for Bush twice. Everyone does stupid things in their lives. The difference this time is you supported an anti-american president who managed to destroy a city, wage un-winnable wars and then to top it all off managed to destroy the worlds largest economy.

    No wonder Democrats have a super majority. It's time to kick the party of irrelevant maggots and faggots to the curb.

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  10. ok, you people definitely have comprehension issues.

    what part of BUSH CREATED THE TARP AND SIGNED THE TARP ACT do you people NOT understand?

    But then again, I assume one can't expect less stupidity from people who think the world is 10000 years old or humans walked with dinos.

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