Uncle Sam Now Paying For Toddlers

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Mar 29, 2012.

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  2. I would rather send my daughter who is 4 years old now to public school than private school. The schools are very good where I live, and why pay when she can go for free.
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    what about taxes? the biggest portion of taxes related to a real estate is the school tax. imo-it's pointless to pay school tax and on top pf that-pay for private school. should be either one. how it's actually works? same for singles. why single guy, a homeowner have to pay a school tax?

    i didn't get this-Uncle Sam Now Paying For Toddlers--
    but, if i undestand article correctly - they are talking about LOANS.
    borrow and pay back with interest. i'm wrong?
  4. Technically its not free. It costs $10k per year average to send your school, only you dont see those payments because its in the form of taxes.
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    It depends to large extent which district you live in. If you live in Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City, Washington DC, and many other large cities, you would not send your kid to public schools.

    It's borderline criminal.
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    make sense. Thank you for an explanation! i guess parents are running away from public schools for a reason..
  7. I live in Johns Creek, Georgia, which is a nice suburb about 30 minutes north of Atlanta. My property taxes are only $2,000 per year. The home is a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath, 1 half bath, and a 2 car garage home worth about $200k. I used to live in New Jersey and property taxes are very high there.
  8. People with kids should move out of the cities and into the suburbs. Then they can save money by not having to pay for private school, plus the kids will have a yard to play in and a calmer environment to grow up in.
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