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    Thats right, no need to cut.

    DOW off 100 points
  2. Where is Kingofshorts?
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    Makes sense really as they can do this and gauge market reaction. They always have the option of doing an emergency cut anytime if necessary.

    Question now (after initial disappointment reaction by the day traders) is will this be interpreted as
    1) the Fed ses the system as OK so green light to buy?
    2) Fed is behind the curve, time to be concerned and sell?
  4. Mmmmmmmmm

    A nice few hundred quid on a short on oil as soon as i saw the momentum drection!! :D :D

    I love these economic disasters
  5. Well after more than a year of surprises - to prop the market up and for Wall Street to unwind at the best possible price their <b>suckee</b> investments. . .NOT TO MENTION what may be nearly 1 TRILLION of taxpayers charity -

    The Fed wants to evoke credibility and show that they are in control - deny Lehman bailout and NOW let the markets tank.

    Like it is a BIG WHOOPEE that after a nice 5 year+ bull run that we get a Bear Market decline of 35%

    Earth-shattering! Not the bear market - or the <i>noobs</i> that vainly do not want to see this - but the Fed for getting into bed with Wall Street orchestrating this farce!!!

  6. meeting minutes?:

    >>So.......is the coffee machine fixed?

    >No sir, there is kinda of crisis going on out there...

    >>can't wall street solve their own problems, do something like michael jackson, sell some of their assets, unwashed underwear or something on ebay for a million?

    > how about the rate decision?

    >>what is the price of these donuts here?
    ....whisper whisper...a dollar each!?
    hmm...Seems like inflation is still a problem....