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  1. Its gold mine…
  2. indeed with caution ofcourse. But the Japanese fed apparently are not concerned with their currency being so low at the moment -- according to bloomberg.
  3. Look at CADJPY
  4. Go ahead... trade it. See how much 'gold' you'll mine.:p

  5. That's gold Jerry, Gold! :D
  6. Heh...as I said before, the market is in extreme mode. Remember last December? Not the same pairs but the same wacko irrational behavior. Then look what happened in January. Does past performance dictate what will happen in the future? Who the hell knows? If I knew that, I'd certainly not be on this forum.

    But you can bet your bottom dollar (or euro/yen/aussie/loonie) that when markets behave this way, a large corrective measure must come. Because nothing can move in one direction at this speed forever.

  7. OfmY


    There are many reasons to start going short after Christmas.
    So why not to get the best price for doing it? :D
  8. Surdo


    Good luck going short, this USD/JPY trend has longer legs, I do not like to make predictions, but 135 - 140 is easily attainable!

    Look at a weekly, we already got through 120.
  9. Yes, just like last year all those folks saying EUR at 1.50 by YE 2006. Pardon me, but these type of "I see it going to" speeches are absolutely pointless to make.
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