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  1. very natural and ordinary

    no iraqi is innocent, they all suck, they are the lesser humans, they are what should be killed without question
  2. America should have nuked the shit out of them and iran, down to their extinction, going into iraq on foot was a mistake
  3. Give all the bad guys the Sadam treatment.

  4. Didn't know the dull one was a bigot. If no Iraqi is innocent then all US citizens should be trialled in the International Court too.
  5. dude get a life, we own the international court

    iraqis or iranians don't even own their own country, no they don't even own their own lives, their governments own their ass, you just gotta accept they are the lesser humans, if they learn that then they wont act all retarded, then they can fetch some better government for themselves
  6. Bow to East
  7. Own? As in not acknowledging it. for fear of having US soldiers trialed? Is say coward, not owned.

    They were and are surpressed, true. But how does that make them 'lesser beings'. How would you call the poor loser scum of the earth that were surpressed in Europe 2 centuries ago and are the ancestors of nearly all white US citizens now.
    If even these beggars, many of them real criminals, were able to build a country in 200 years, why wouldn't the Iraqis be able to do the same?