Unbelievable what little google research can find out, come see

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  1. this thread is great for all you new people and veterans can have a laugh too

    New futures broker pops out on internet, and I visit its site to check it out, Lo and Behold they are advertising how contract specifications is information edge they are offering

    the whole thing smelled funny

    when I googled its address I found THIS, have a look at headquarters of this futures broker
  2. if mods allow it, I can post which broker this is
  3. Yes, the mods allow it. Go for it...put this broker on blast :D
  4. just fucking post it already. the mods won't do shit except move the thread to chit chat.
  5. Hahaha, it's in a trailer park.
  6. I congratulate the guy on audacity and balls to open up a brokerage house
    but to deposit money with this guy, you would have to be completely insane :p
  7. Eric215


    Good idea using Google maps to see the actual broker's address. I never thought of that. You should call them up and see how bad they lie about their operation there, lol.
  8. LOL. This is ridiculous.
  9. Wall Street is a glorified trailer park.
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