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  1. this company isnt run by our old village idiot coinz is it? it sounds like hes type of strategy...hold untill loses go away or are forgoten about?:p
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  2. Oh how funny is it that the reason behind balda attack on me http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=495250&highlight=balda#post495250 was to have his snake oil stuffs promoted :D

    It's not the first time indeed that I have seen this from some curious guys, I should be accustomed but it always surprises me that some people are really just snakes ...

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  3. Remiraz


    Another guy claiming he can predict the market at 90% or better.

    Maybe the fact that no one have proven their claim ever tells us something about that?
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  4. What are those red numbers? Are they losers? Why would I trade a system that had losers in it?

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  5. Yes, the TCI M2 results posted are correct and real (I know for a fact)


    M2 does NOT use stops and has not exited a losing trade this year. If you read the fine print, TCI only recognizes a loss on closeout and does NOT include rolling positions as a closeout.

    Therefore, there are open trade losers of as much as $10,000 or more.

    Bottom line....Tim Cho is a pretty good trader, but you need alot of money,a strong heart and good timing to survive .
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  6. lindq


    Thanks for an intelligent post to those who as usual like to jump in before doing their own research.

    I had also checked them out, and was concerned that they're just letting trades run. Seems to me like a recipe for a problem at some time down the road. I calculated that you would need to put at least 50K into their account to hope to take all the trades. Since there are not stops, there are often multiple positions open. This is fine in concept, but not so fine if you are watching a huge drawdown and someone else is trading your account.
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  7. No stops = No losers.

    Wow, I have to try that....I'll never lose money.
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  8. Turok


    >There has to be stops ..whoever said there isnt stops
    >HAS to be wrong..for there to be no stops..there would
    >have to be no losers since they obviously closed out the
    >trades in loss..which is a stop

    While in no way defending the discussed web site, the above is simply not true.

    If I were to say that my system has me buy at some prescribed signal and sell at the close of the following day -- I have described for you a system that *has no stop* (stock value could drop to zero and the system would stay in) and yet closed trades will show losses.

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  9. I think one of the previous posters had it right. $30,000-50,000 is needed to trade M2.

    Your initial success is very dependent on if you have a big loser in your first month. The losers both cost money and margin as they may be sitting in your account for months(possibly years).

    Also remember, that not all traders get all trades. If M2 does a bond trade , he may do it for small, medium and large accounts at different times and prices and these will be all posted(if they win) as seperate trades even though you could only get one of the trades.

    I am also curious as to what happened with M1.

    If you have alot of money and are not afraid to experiment, maybe this is worth a try.
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  10. Hmmm, is that why they use 3 diff accounts. If they are long the ES and are losing thier culhones, they cant reverse without closing the pos out. So they open any short in ANOTHER account.

    Fwiw, this kind of reporting borders on the criminal.
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