Unbelievable CNN feels need to debunk SNL skit

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    Liberal Media bias alive and well. Funny i dont remember them saying anything when they were slaughtering sarah palin with the "I
    can see Russia from my house," nor do i remember them saying anything at any point over the past 8 years with Bush. The people at CNN are so stupid all this does is continue to de- legitimize them.

  2. Fuck CNN, don't watch. Not many people are.


    HAHAHA i never really listened to it before. Go to 2:45 of the

    video not only do they try ti discredit the SNL Obama skit but at

    2:45 they also call the impersonations of Sarah Palin by Tina Fey

    "dead on" all i can say is wow.
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    These malpracticing news outlets are powerful.. in the Bush years, when the economy was stellar by any measure, a poll was taken and 40% of respondents said we were in a depression... there just weren't news reports pointing out how strong the economy was I'd say...
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    This is really no surprise since everyone at CNN flosses their teeth with Obama's ass hairs.
  6. Obama is a flunkie at best. Grade F.
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    Virtually all news media is a joke.

    A few grains of salt and a strainer is required just to get the gist.

    The gist.
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    I can understand, in one's hyperpartisanship, overreacting to the script of a comedy routine. But to go so far as to not see Fey's impersonation, as far as impersonations go, as "dead on", that's a real reason for "wow".
  9. And yet everyone knocking CNN worships at the altar of Faux News, which never questioned any of the litany of insane (and unconstitutional) Bush policies or practices during Dumbya's 8 years of reign...

    ...bunch of imbecilic, myopic and brain dead Rupert Murdoch teet suckers we got in this thread.
  10. Coming from the guy with 1000 "the sky is falling" threads while the market rallied 60%.

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