Unbelievable 9/11 Video

Discussion in 'Politics' started by redbull13, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. this has already been posted 100000 times before here in chit chat..

    do a search
  2. Some people will believe anything they see on the net. TF, there are plenty of conspiracy nuts on this forum, keep browsing chit chat and join the fun! :)
  3. Well thats right, you need television for good, unbiased coverage.
    and if you dont trust television, theres always newspapers..................:)
  4. Or just do away with all that junk and head to the Source of Truth:

  5. i believe the magic passport story the bushies told us.... LOL LOL LOL
  6. LOL!
  7. I believe the "college kid websites" that everything is a right wing conspiracy... LOL LOL LOL