Unable to short IWM using IB

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Bob111, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Bob111


    what the hell is going on?
    "this contract is not available for short sale"
  2. Bob111


    Thank you for helping me manage my risks..so far down 2K,because of huge skew on long side...thank you very fucking much
  3. Why didn't you just buy some RWM??? Would give you the same basic result without having to borrow shares. Or of course you could short the Russell 2000 futures.

  4. Roark


    Good question. Well Bob, why didn't you?
  5. Bob111


    is is a good question..but mine is still remains-IWM was not shortable till EOD...why? why one of the most liquid ETF's in US is not shortable @ IB at the day,when i have to hedge my shit? it is VERY rare event,but happens from time to time..maybe once or twice a year..i don't even know that inverse ETF's is even exists..futures-out of question,cause it would involve ridiculous amount of calculations to spread the risks equally across several accounts..short IWM was much easier..at least-it use to be..what a fuck...fuck all this fucking day trading..can't take this no more..good bye IB and fucking trading.
    i'm on vacation for very fucking long time..time to travel,ride on my bike and MB..fuck all this BS..
  6. Roark


    Bob, take a chill pill and consider using inverse ETFs. Not only is there no locate requirement, but it avoids fees for borrowing stocks. Hence, buying inverse ETFs provides dual benefits over shorting ETF counterparts.
  7. Enough people get on the same side of the boat ie wanting to be short, and you may not be able to borrow shares. I've seen it happen to SPY before. The point is that inverse ETFs eliminate that problem. I'd suggest you educate yourself on some of these inverse ETFs so that you eliminate this potential problem in the future.

  8. I think Bob had a stressful day...
  9. BobG


    IWM is one of the most liquid ETF's and should be available to short.

    Unfortunately, IB has historically been terrible on the short side going back many years. They've promised to get better many times, but still aren't very succesful at borrowing.
  10. Butterball


    I have to disagree. IB have hands down the best short availability I've seen in any other comparable broker. I've been shorting hundreds of mid/small cap names since years and rarely had problems.
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