Unable to Short AAPL or BRCM from IB

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by jtmarlin, May 24, 2006.

  1. jtmarlin


    What's up with that?
  2. jtmarlin


    IB message says they are on the restricted list - yet i short them every day with no prob.
  3. they might not have any shares available for shorting
  4. lp3yc


    Lot of people getting short and they are running out of quite a few I think. BTW the Reg SHO message does not mean it is on the SHO list. It can me they are out of stock, it is on the list or not allowed to short at that time. See the IB board
  5. alanm


    Pretty strange. I got a reject for GS yesterday. These are all huge float stocks. Hard to imagine that this is not being caused by a bug.
  6. I think you're correct. I encountered the Reg SHO error in IB today on AQRU, which is listed as shortable on IB's site and came off the naked short list earlier in the week.
  7. nassau


    If you want to be able to short when you like then IB will allow you to have the stock(s) available for a small fee.
    Today many stocks on Nasdaq and Nyse we unavailable.
    IB would assume IB ran out of the stock and as the market was going short in many stocks they choose not to buy until the market settled down.
    When this happens you can if you wish to go short write a call or buy puts in the stock.
    We received a message later on IB tws on some of the stocks offering it to us for a fee or in some cases it just became available after the stock started to bounce back.

  8. gaj


    if it was like yesterday (tuesday), it had to be a computer error of some kind; see my post in the other IB short thread....