Unable to sell qqq short on IB??

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  1. I tried to short the q's today through IB. No shares available. Whats with that?
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  3. SEC Prohibits Short-Selling of ETF's
    Latest Move by SPitt Angers Traders

    Today the SEC Chairman decided that it would be beneficial for the economy if short-selling of ETF's was prohibited indefinitely.

    "We're in the middle of a good upswing here. We need a lot more republicans in office, and Bush wants the economy to look good before election day tomorrow. Therefore, we decided to make a few key trading vehicles unavailable for short-selling," said Chairman SPitt.

    Short-selling, or selling a commodity that you do not own, is a way to profit from a downward moving market. However, without the ability to sell what you don't already own, sell pressure decreases and the only people who can sell are those who actually own the commodity in the first place.

    "We're going to enable short-selling just as soon as we get the guys we want into office. Until then, make sure you keep your accounts over 25k," said Spitt with a chuckle.
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    SEC Prohibits Short-Selling of ETF's

  5. Def boy must have left the room! Pretty pathetic!!!!!!!!
  6. You are definately attacking the wrong guy there buddy. Def is second-to-none in customer service.
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    jenna, perhaps one day you'll achieve a fraction of the success that I've achieved. You'll then have less of a need to hide between multiple personalities and make juvenile comments.

    As I'm sure you are aware, my main job is making markets in Asia. Given the size of the business I manage, it shouldn't be expected to make this site my main priority.

    Q's: I am not based in the states. I don't know the situation. I suspect that supply was short and rates increased. As someone mentioned, they rec'd a response that there should be more available tomorrow. There is nothing more to add.