UN Security Councel Votes No Fly Zone +

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    They just voted for this live on TV at 6:30 EST. I guess Obama gets to start his first war. Gaddafi threatens attacks in the Mediterranean.
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    Does Dumbo get to keep his Nobel Peace Prize?
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    Didn't he give that to the Chinese Premier so they would keep buying our debt?
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    Did he, I thought Dumbo gave the Premier a shoe shine. I guess I need to watch the news more often.
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    Don't you remember that picture of him bending over as he shook his hand? He was bending over to slip it in his pocket. Surely he wasn't bowing to the Chinese Premier.
  6. So who foots the bill?
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    "France is very much involved in this action and has prepared the draft resolution. We have one goal… we want to stop the attacks by the Gaddafi regime against civilian populations.

    "And it's a question of days or hours because the pressure against Benghazi, especially, is now very tough."

    The Libyan defence ministry on Thursday, before the vote, warned that any military intervention in Libya would endanger air and sea traffic in the Mediterranean Sea.

    In a statement released by the state-run Jana news agency, the ministry said that both civilian and military targets in the Mediterranean will be attacked.


    Sounds like it's going to be war. Well, until Libya realizes they can't get any aircraft into the Med. to attack anyone.
  8. The war machine is still hungry. This is such bullshit. We have no business there. I give my full support to Gaddafi to blow the shit out of every oil field in his country. Humanitarian effort my ass. Dictators been killing people all over the world for decades and nobody does a damn thing unless there's some treasure to gain.
  9. This is a civil war. Talk about protecting civilians is cover for intervening. Will we also intervene in Bahrain where "civilians" are being shot? What about in Saudi Arabia?

    Bad idea brought to us by the ever helpful europeans, who will probably need our military to bail them out.
  10. seems like the news channels are reporting that it will largely be a British-French effort. Aviation forums are going nuts on heavy traffic of Eurofighters at RAF air bases, Charles de Gaulle has Rafales on board right now in the Med. White house correspondent seems to be saying USA will take a minor role. Sarkozy is fulfilling his Napoleonic dreams. last time a British-French invasion force was in North Africa? 1956-Egypt. That didnt turn out so well.

    Very surprising that the Germans abstained.
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