UN resolutions: Hezbollah vs Israel

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  1. Name one GOOD reason why the Hezbollah disarmament should be MORE important instead of equally important to Israel fulfilling their own UN resolutions.
  2. Peace with Lebanon, is it good enough reason for you?
  3. Because Israel is a sovereign state and Hezbollah is a rogue organization who uses intimidation to perpetuate its existence. Much like a really ballsy Mafia.
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    You guy's aren't hip to liberal relativism. These destructive attitudes of the left have existed for decades. The same people who felt the Black Panthers and SLA were legitimate "political" organizations are now trumpeting the international "rights" of terror fronts like the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah.

    As far as doodoo. I tweak you with this rapture stuff, LOL, which I'm not real into but the point I've tried to make with you is, the left is full of shit. Economic liberals care less about the poor than they do fucking with those better off (to wit: those Dems who voted against the MW bill because of the estate tax reduction). Todays modern left hate capitalism (unless they're making $$$), hate Israel and the USA, hate religion and obviously on a deeper level, loathe themselves. You'll notice that one by one ET's traditional moonbats are all united in contempt toward Israel and justification for her terrorist Islamic neighbors.

    Of course the irony is: knowing American Jews if this issue didn't involve a Zionist people, most Jews would also be ganging up against Israel. (many are)
  5. Ah! There is the underlying GOP anti-semitism I have been missing. Are you really a nazi or do you just buy into Herr Limbaugh's(Ailes')(Goebbels') propaganda? Why generation after generation are they able to find you gullible people? They get a little momentum and the sheep fall right in line.

  6. Another all or nothing diatribe from a black and white thinker...

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    Huh? If you get the dick out of your mouth you'll be more understandable.
  8. Another "in depth" response from a "deep" thinker...

  9. You should not be so paranoid Pabst. I am not the little boytoy that you fear is actually resentful of you and trying to get back at you on ET. I am sure he is very loyal to you and you need not worry about that!
  10. When the zionist ideology cease to exist, when the majority of the Jewish people come to the realization that this ideology is the cause of all ill...We will all have peace!!

    Let us not forget that Hizeb Allah came to exists in response to 22 years of zionist atrocities and occupation of Lebanon.

    Hizeb Allah might be finished tomorrow (which I know it won't) but it is like we are treating a cancer tumor by putting a band aid on it.

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