UN once again proves uselss

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  1. UN resolution WILL NOT disarm Hezbollah.

    The UN has just become another worthless governement agency.
  2. of course it won't, it was an absurd proposition in the first place...i mean, do u think hez would really collaborate on a disarmament and suffer the full dismantle of the organization? how ridiculous...and if u think it can be done by force what on earth u think would be the way to do it.
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    I was watching the teevee news last night and basically the UN troops are little more than blue-helmeted eunichs. They can't disarm Hezbolah, they can't stop Israel from launching attacks. They can ONLY fire their weapons in self defense. Their only stated mission is to OBSERVE. I feel sorry for the UN "soldiers". The only question is how many French soldiers have to die before France withdraws its troops. I say 5. :D
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    Yes. Correct.

    But I think we all knew this after the USA and the UK went into Iraq based on a lie against the wishes of the UN and the rest of the world.

    I guess this is karma really.

    Time to give those Israeli fascists a good kicking.

    How did 2 kidnappings ever equate to the deaths of 100,000 INNOCENT women, children, Christians, Muslims, and Jews?

    Some call this genocide. It sure would have been called this if it had been the other way round, and we wouldn't have heard the end of it for 1000's of years from those sniveling, cowardly Israelis. God they make me sick!
  5. I feel sorry for them too.

    The over under on France running away with tail between legs is 3.

    Any takers?

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    Why don't you volunteer to go and do it instead? :D
  7. Who did this to you?

    I mean, your completely distorted view of Israel must have come from <i>somewhere</i>. I'd like to know the source. Were you given these opinions by websites such as whatreallyhappened.com and rense ? Moonbat blogs? Robert Fisk/Guardian/Independent? Al-Jazeera? Or was it darker, more sinister forces such as JewWatch/Stormfront?
    Seriously, who did this to you? I'd really like to know.

  8. Why don't I do it? I never created and passed a resolution stating I would disarm Hezbollah now did i?

    The world gets angry when the US doesn't follow what the UN wants but why should we? The UN doesn't even enforce it's own resolutions.

    The league of nations all over again.:D
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    Which planet do you live on??? Where did you see 100,000 INNOCENT murdered by Israel.

    Did you ever look at the map? You can not even see Israel without mignifying glass. And what about the fact that israel had to fight from the beggining of its existance for not being wiped out by all his neighbors????

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    This fool thinks the UN is an independent organization!! LOL!!

    First the UN does what the US wants. PERIOD!

    Second the UN is being used to get the worlds population climated with a one world govt controlled from Zion.
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