Umpirical System Envelopment

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  1. I have decided rather than doling my systems out piecemeal I will a-cum-ulate them all in one thread for the benefit of posterior. As my fans know, my sole aspiration in sysem envelopment is to provide comprehensible trading assisance to SCT traders. My critics have often argued that the logic for my systems is murky. I can now explain that my logic is umpirical, which any fan of baseball can comprehend.

    So to start, I know Jack frets over when to leave the market to take a piss (Spydie, in not too many decades you will need this system, too), so here is a brand new system called PissBreak. I told Jack last week that the most important bar is the one that tells you nothing, but he scoffed. When PissBreak signals, you have no more than 90 seconds and no less than 30 to answer ther call of nature. The attached NQ snippet 30 second chart shows clear examples.
  2. Gargantuo


    Jack and Spyder will never call live trades

    Jack lives off his partners income and out of her house

    His track record consist of a 24% loss in a trading contest in 2002 which he did not have the integrity to finish once the losses started mounting

    He is considered a joke among the trading community and sports a ponytail to try and look younger :p


    Spyder changes his mind every day in the idiotic refinement thread, sure sign of a trader that either can't work his method or can't get his method to work!

    If callmate wants to play the censorship game then I will just keep accumulating, cutting and pasting

    Takes me a spilt second to do it.. she has to give up her life to constantly monitor and delete it

    She hasn't worked it out yet but she works for me!!! :p

    I am what you need me to be, let me illustrate with a parable.. a Samurai warrior travels for months through driving rain and lands infested with danger to ask a master monk the meaning of life. After many trials and tribulations he finally arrives at the mountain of the monk and is granted an audience with the master.

    He bows to the monk and asks "What is heaven? and what is hell?"

    The master monk looks the warrior up and down and replies "Why should I tell a piece of shit like you the meaning of such things?"

    The Samurai, insulted and infuriatied, draws his Katana (sword) and raises it to strike the death blow.

    The master looks up serenely and says "This is hell!"

    The Samurai understands and falls to his knees begging forgiveness.. and the master says..

    "And this is heaven"

    ps: you are 4 months into trading and will most likely number among the 95% that won't make it, acting merely as fodder for those of us that make up the other 5% :cool:

    And some people spend all day defending morons like Jack and pathetic methods like SCT

    And they also create threads about drinking alcohol in the morning to combat their fear of the trading day

    Sadly he has tried that many times.. however I have the ability to change it at will.. next

    Edited for accuracy :cool:

    Can we get callmate some cock?

    She is getting more and more frustrated losing with SCT and deleting any anti Jack posts.

    Can someone put up their hand and slip the ole meat flute to callmate for a few nights
    and bring her some relief?

    Poor old Tums, Swordman and Cocaine.. the three stooges drawing their channels all day but too scred to take a trade, only bested by Jack and Spyder taking the odd trade and losing their shirts ;)

    I'll never forget the time a few years ago that I found Jack on a thread of mine on. I decided to respond in his language. I wrote a bunch of nonsensical words, phrases and threw in a few Gaussians, and voila! He replied positively.
    I couldn't stop laughing.

    Wasn't he the guy that sucked everyone into using the MACD?.. just like Jack uses MACD and Stoch

    You shouldn't listen to people that want you to use indicators.. they are more than likely creating fodder for their expertise in price action

    Sucker born every minute :p

    Jack was drafting and posting that ridiculously long and rambling drivel the other day just as the big move down was starting, CHECK THE TIME STAMP.

    Proof positive once again that JACK DOES NOT TRADE!!!

  3. A 30 second chart snippet from today proving that PissBreak is indeed a reliable "smoke 'em if ya got 'em" indicator.
  4. Ya gotta love ET for not gettin' it. A snapshot of a 30-second NQ chart with PissBreak at work is attached. I tuned the threshold using the principles of binary indecision theory to give myself more time to squeeze a piss through my fat old prostate. Hope Jack is using this himself.
  5. With so few responses to your thread, thought I'd pop in and send out a quick hello.

    The times, they are a-changin' here at ET. :D

    - Spydertrader
  6. Yeah, it's getting pretty fucking sorry here. What with the proscription on multiple aliases an' all. The only good thing about it is that my old threads will age out and I can reinvent myself as a trading statesman. This particular thread is an IQ test. I was mightily stung by your obervation that my previous undicator called a turn 56 minutes late, so I thought I'd tighten it up a bit. If it cuntinues not to work I'll tune it for ES. I've got continuation indicators down pretty good (none use channels or volume), and am now fo-cussing on change (using a totally different perspective on the PV non-relationship). I'll get a working alternative to SCT yet.
  7. burst


    But you are still getting your ass handed to you every day by the market

    And still too much of a coward to call live trades

    Some things never change :p
  8. Oddly enough, many posted on the inevitable decline many years ago.

    I have a feeling the sybilings might fall under a grandfather clause or two.

    The word came down from on high this morning. The powers that be rescinded that previous edict. The historic threads now remain intact.

    Stirring the shallow end of the gene pool again I see. :D

    No harm intended, and I wish you success with your belt tightening.

    I look forward to your results.

    I recommned looking for unchanged and non-continuation.

    Of this, I have no doubt. Good trading to you.

    - Spydertrader
  9. Rats! I had high hopes that all the SCT threads would be lost forever. One of the few things I picked up from Jack was thinking in terms of continuation and change. But then I started musing about what was the distinction between the two. And as I must I had to re-unvent it all as discontinuation and unchange. Now I get it.
  10. burst


    The confusion and frustration in the idiotic refinement thread is laughable.. no wonder Spyder posts all day instead of drawing his little channels :p
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