umm and how come "IQ" is not banned???

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by gunslinger, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. So I check into ET from time to time and it appears that most of the threads in the brain candy forum are started by either zz,wael or iq.

    Zz though adding nothing by copy/pasting, his own writing while boring and immature does at least have semblance of intelligence. Wael though obviously lacking any intellect, does have a little heart behind his posts and can be tolerated solely b/c it is so entertaining reading his posts in the voice of Apu from the Simpsons.

    But wtf is up with every other post in p/r is blah blah Israel, blah blah zionist, blah blah infidel. This dude adds nothing to ET. If a case is to made to have someone banned iq should be the poster boy.

    Barron, thoughts?
  2. Very good question,

    I was of the understanding this was a forum on Financial markets, trading and investment strategies. Not a platform for politics and religion.
  3. you forgot greed. Therefore you get alot of posts about the damned jews.:D
  4. I.Q.


    Wow, trying to get somebody banned because you disagree with their politics. Very mature, boys. Grow up. LOL :p
  5. The intent is not to get you banned, but to keep this a trading forum and not a political podium...
  6. Little to do with your politics. Many others share your views.

    Also not trying to get you banned. I am more wondering "why" you havent been banned.

    Every other thread in P/R is started by you, witht he same subject. My question was to Barron. To reiterate. Mr Barron, how can anything that IQ contributes to ET be good for the site. It does not even add hits b/c obviously nobody replies to his inane threads. It has almost become his own blog. As far as negatively sffecting the site, anybody who comes to check out ET I believe would immediatly get turned off by scrolling through 50 threads started by IQ (all some tyoe of a derivative of the same topic).
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I.Q.'s account has been suspended temporarily while we clean up some of the many threads he's posted that have received no replies or interest whatsoever. Thanks for the feedback.

    I.Q., if you're reading this, the sheer number of threads you're starting is over the top. When the first several pages of threads in the PR forum are ones that you've started and when the majority of those threads have zero replies, it's time to scale back the quantity and increase the quality.
  8. moo


    Anyone posting only in Politics should be banned, including zzzzz and waelo. And new members should not be allowed into that forum before at least one month / 20 posts of civilized conduct.

    This is a board for traders, not for political fanatics.
  9. Oh YA, and i would add..

    if you haven't made me any $$$ by your 20'th post..

    you should be banned :)