UM to offer gay course

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Feb 8, 2008.

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    The University of Michigan is set to give a college class on how to be gay!!! I thought all you had to do was talk funny and bend there more too it?
  2. no the professor who is gonna teach the class is so desperate to get fucked while others watch, he came up with such shit

    Universities suck, they are only 10% efficient, the other 90% is just time wasting homeworks and sororities and ball licking and crap like that

    what is the point of creating such inefficient systems? what is the point of wasting so much time? are they too stupid to build some reasonable systems?
  3. yikes. A university education is mostly a waste of time. Yes being educated and aware of how things work (math, engineering, history, writing, art, biology, physics, chemistry, etc.) is a waste. Going through life as an ignorant is so much better.

    Mind supporting your "only 10% efficient claim" (that is called academic discussion)?

    I can see why you call yourself the "sharp one" how is that GED going?
  4. What's a reasonable system when its at home then? and don't say one that doesn't involve ball licking.. jesus where did that come from!
  5. 7th grade movie in class as retold to me. 4 kids in a group (peers) they are faced with a scenario of right or wrong. Guess which kid in the group makes the right decision? The gay one.
  6. ArmouredSaint Just signed up....he needs a refresher course:D
  7. Nothing like indoctrination is there.

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    One of my greatest regrets is not finishing my degree. Even so, I have never wanted to stop learning. MIT offers a variety of excellent courses online. Please check it out and donate to keep it running if you find it useful for yourself.
  9. I've finished university myself, and I'm gonna go for the PhD too (PhD in Electrical & Systems Engineering), too many people can't accept reality over what they've been taught, and it would be such a waste to not finish something so easy, at least I know it would make some like you think I am higher than the rest just cause I have a PhD, I guess you could say it is efficient in that it makes people look at you differently and increases the amount on your paycheck, but I am talking about it's efficiency in educating humans

    I've gotta go, hopefully I'll come back and discuss why I believe it to be inefficient
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