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  1. I'm looking for a replacement to my old laptop, which I used as backup for my trading and one that is light for travel. I'm thinking of getting an ultrabook based on a friend recommendation because it is light and could be the next generation of portable computers. However, I know little about ultrabooks so I'm not sure what to get or if I should get a laptop instead. One thing is I would like to be able to connect 2 external 24" LCD monitors to it.

    With so many ultrabooks available, I don't know what is suitable for trading and travel. I would appreciate any recommendation/suggestion.


  2. Take a look at thinkpad X230, very light at 3.5 LB with 6 cell battery that lasts 8 hours, can be upgraded to 16 GB RAM and a secondary SDD drive by yourself. The IPS display is very bright.

    I just got one last month and am very pleased.
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    Most of the reviews site will give you a good idea who are top rated ultrabooks. Ultrabooks used to be superslim but lacking some features of the standard notebooks. But that's no longer the case, I see ultrabooks becoming the standard and the superslim end being stuff like Microsoft Surface, tablets with keyboards.

    Get a Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go which will allow multiple monitor hookups.
  4. Ultrabooks are a waste of money

    They don't come with a Blu-ray or DVD player, so for all intents & purposes, you have to get it separately if you want to watch DVDs, install programs etc

    And who wants to lug along a separate BD/DVD player when on the road or travelling..

    Far better to get a 13.3" or smaller - that comes integrated with BD/DVD player
  5. Take a look at the YouTube video I made for my Sony Z2 series laptop as being the best notebook/ultrabook available for trading:


    And you would have to carry around a the external drive if you want to watch blu-ray or dvd movies. But I only used the optical drive once, and that was for installing Microsoft Office. While some enjoy having an optical drive built-in to their laptops, I prefer to have a lighter and smaller laptop without an optical drive since I never use it.

    When I want to watch movies, I do it on my big screen TV at home, not a laptop. And you can stream movies from anywhere these days...even airplanes!
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    Why do you need even need a DVD player when you can stream or download any movie on the planet right on your laptop? And who even provides software on a CD anymore? I've had a MacBook Air as my laptop for years now and I can't say there was even one time when I wished I had a clunky moving disc player in it.

    The day before I travel, I just go on iTunes and download a couple of movies, and then I'm all set.