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  1. If were walking down the street, and saw some guy on a soapbox screaming, and no matter how you responded to him, he would scream the same thing over and over again, what would you think?

    Then how to deal with the current brand of ultra right/left wing posters in this forum?

    They can't listen to any point they don't agree with, they are 100% certain at every given time they are right, they never admit they are wrong, etc., the are living in a state of moral certainty and righteous indignation every single minute of the day.

    Mentally ill would be a psychologists's diagnosis of this type of personality.
  2. Yes, because someone who flip-flops between extremes all the time based on words found on a bulletin board are so much more psychologically grounded than someone who follows one belief all the time.
  3. if it leads to denial of reality, then yes it is pathological.

    People who think Sadam is the good guy are down right scary, and I have read posts on this board to that effect.

    To me that goes way beyond politics and into the realm of brainwashing.
  4. You know Aphie, you are pretty normal for a kid your age, compared to many around here.

    At least with you for the most part you are able to dialogue with others, exchange ideas, and accept other points of view.

    It is those who cannot accept the possibility that they might be wrong who are the most difficult, and the most dangerous.

    Fascism is the next logical step in that kind of world, as not only is their perspective right for them in their estimation, it is necessarily right for everyone else to hold to that point of view too.

    In this country we see protestors of the war all the time. How many war protests have we seen in Iraq? How many protests begging Saddam to surrender?

    Is that realistic? That a society of freedom would not have any group of people of different opinions?

    Yet, people are arguing in favor of maintaining that structure no matter how it gets torn down, no matter if the ends do justify the means.

    Simply amazing, scary, and disturbing.

    It is so impractical, so egocentric.

    I watched Michael Moore, when he won the Oscar for his movie "Bowling for Columbine" which is a movie all Americans should see, have a chance on the world stage to get people to watch his movie. Spike Lee said it was the best and most important movie of the year.

    Yet, rather than make himself palatable so that others could watch the movie, he chose instead to alienate people. I don't know how many people will now never watch the movie because of his stupid act.

    Just foolish these current version of liberals are. They don't really understand the system, or they would work within it to make change.
  5. by the way I did not vote for Dubya and I don't like Rush Limbaugh. I support the war because I think we did a disservice to the Iraqi's when we listened to the U.N. and left Sadam in power after Gulf War I. I always had a feeling we would go back and when we did it didn't suprise me very much.

  6. See, what do you say to this Optional?

    To someone that pretends to "see reality", yet is incorrect in the most basic of facts?

    You should have addressed your opening post to yourself, for it is apparent to me you have no interest in determining what is really going on, you only seek to justify the actions of your beloved America, regardless of their disastrous consequances. I have scarcely witnessed a higher degree of personal intellectual dishonesty than what you engage in.
  7. msfe


    how about people who think Bush is the good guy ?
  8. hey alfonso, you care to say what fact i got wrong ? Its all true and you know it.
  9. Has Bush sent any military guys over to your house to rape your wife while shooting your kids? No?

    Think about it -- had you been an Iraqi and posted this message about Saddam, you'd be a bit more hesitant to speak so quickly about your leader.
  10. How about the fact that it was entirely a US decision not to go after Saddam in 1991?

    A decision made, mind you, by many members of the current regime, or its advisors.

    Hmm, "its all true and you know it" sounds a LOT like the recently MIA MondoTrader? Am I onto something?
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