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  1. How do you guys seek out ultra small caps to invest in. Is there any sort of stock screener devoted to this arena? It seems relatively hard to gather info on these companies.
  2. This isn't my niche, but my experience has been that you can get a lot of information from the company directly when you are looking at microcap investments.

    Pick up the phone and call the cfo would be my first recommendation. Find out who their clients are and call them too. Findout who their suppliers are and call them as well.

    for what it's worth...

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    play the entire sector with the Proshare smallcap 600 ETF

    Ultra SmallCap600

    Ticker: SAA
  4. If you're talking OTC and Pink Sheets you go to Knobias. Their service is about $60/month but is far and above what anyone else offers as far as researching OTC and Pink Sheets. They have streaming news for OTC and PS which I don't know of elsewhere and they have very convenient resources for researching things easily.

    Cheers. I'd go into more detail but tried to do so yesterday and the thread was dispatched. Maybe we'll be able to start a new one in the future.
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    microcaptrade, imo, is by far the best
  6. Agreed. There are so many great companies and it's far easier for them to double or triple their business output in a year whereas it's pretty much impossible for GOOG to do so.

    If you have the skills, and I find them easier to develop than the temperament for trading stocks, then you can do really well. I honestly expect each of my returns at any time to return 100% minimum per year...sometimes you have to look at buying and holding for 2 years to make 200%+, but the returns are far superior to larger caps if you have the ability to research, are patient, and confidence is also a big plus. :D
  7. Knobias and microcaptrade. Do they have a fundamentals feature?
  8. Knobias = yes
  9. Just be carful, a $500 trade can move the market in some of these ultra microcaps. They're often manipulated for that reason, too. I use to trade penny stocks back in the day. It was more gambling than anything else and I lost money.