Ultra Sector ETF's (Long and Short 2X)

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  1. Just for your info out there......Extremely thin currently

    UPW-Long Utilities 2X
    SDP- Short Utilities 2X
    REW-Short Tech 2X
    ROM-Long Tech 2X
    USD-Long Semi 2X
    SSG-Short Semi 2X
    DIG-Long Oil and Gas industry 2X
    DUG-Short Oil and Gas industry 2X
    SRS-Short Real Estate 2X
    URE-Long Real Estate 2X
    SIJ-Short Industrials 2X
    UXI-Long Industrials 2X
    RXD-Short healthcare 2X
    RXL- Long Healthcare 2X
    SKF-Short Financial 2X
    UYG-Long Financial 2X
    SCC-Short Consumer Service 2X
    UCC-Long Consumer Service 2X
    SZK-Short Consumer Goods 2X
    UGE-Long Consumer Goods 2X
    SMN-Short Basic Material 2X
    UYM-Long Basic Material 2X

    Gotta hand it to profunds getting out all these leveraged funds both long and short before others.....Give these all 2 years and the mom and pops will be leveraged to the hill..

  2. POS...looks like a leek Buyout
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  3. Or another....
  4. Great list, cam.
  5. NEW YORK, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Catalina Marketing Corp. (POS.N: Quote, Profile , Research) said on Friday that it hired investment bank Goldman Sachs (GS.N: Quote, Profile , Research) as an advisor after the company received takeover interest from a private equity firm.

    Reuters earlier reported on Friday, citing sources familiar with the process, that several private equity firms were pursuing the company, with Goldman running the process. Bids were expected to be around $30 per share.

    Catalina shares jumped $4.02, or 16.6 percent, to $28.25 before being halted on the New York Stock Exchange Friday afternoon. The shares rose another 86 cents after trading resumed, closing 20.14 percent higher at $29.11. Prior to the Reuters report, the company had a market capitalization of $1.1 billion.

    St. Petersburg, Florida-based Catalina provides marketing services to companies based on the information from its electronic network collecting information from the checkout scanners of some 21,000 retail centers in the United States, according to Hoovers.

    Catalina's Health Resource segment provides targeted marketing materials to consumers through its pharmacy network.

    Catalina said on Friday that it hired Goldman after it received unsolicited takeover interest from a private equity firm. It did not name the firm. Continued...

    © Reuters 2007. All Rights Reserved.

    I wonder who bought them....and even better at what price.....
  6. What does this POS have to do with ETFs?
  7. Free leverage with those ProShares?
  8. S2007S


    I mentioned these proshares a about 2 weeks ago. Now not all of them are trading millions of shares, however QID is on the top of most actively traded, doing close to 5 million shares a day. Proshares just announced that they now have $3 billion in Assets from these ETFs. These funds I think are the best ETFs out there in a long time. Powershares are great too.
  9. S2, I have the same question as above - what is the fee load for these?

    I'm very confused about that, but very attracted to these Proshares.

    Was Ultradow the first?

    Are these leveraged ETFs, essentially?

    That's a good question.
  10. Good list!!!!!!

    I trade SPY/SDS and DIA/DOG (hold them for less than an hour, whichever moves green).
    My question is who is losing the money holding SDS. QID, DOG, etc. for months since the inception....the underwriter???
    I sound ignorant (maybe I'm), but don't know who to ask.
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