Ultimate Trading Contest: Mark Brown vs Jack Hershey/spydertrader

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  2. spinoza


    This is a great opportunity for Jack Hershey and Spydertrader to prove the power of their trading methods, while everyone here at ET can see each trade in real time!

    They have nothing to lose because Mark Brown will fund their account...what a great Trading Contest this will be!
  3. fxpip


    My guess is that JH and Spyder are paid posters and are never gonna sign up for that contest
  4. doli


    Ha ha ha!

    SCT is all about creating the impression that you can trade well (the hindsight charts look good, don't they?). Once you do that, you have all kinds of naive people willing to let you trade their money. Risk free trading capital -- what a racket.
  5. there is some basis to what Jack and Spyder espouse...

    trendlines, channels...support resistance, all very important...

    I did a eight hour vid based on the above..with todays session, everytime I went against the intent of the price, significat drawdowns would ensue and would persist for a longer time then usual..

    its been 4hrs since the files started being merged..probably another 2-3 before the camtasia file is done, if jack/spyder wants to use the file they can..
  6. hughb


    Wow. A funded account to trade with. I can not come up with an excuse why someone would not do it, so I can't wait to see what the excuse is. It will probably be something as simple as, "I don't want to". "I don't have to prove anything to anybody" is the old reliable standby too.
  7. Joab


    Personally I would not engage in such a contest, even if it were someone else's money.

    The waste of my time (out of my trading income) would not come close to justifying the benefit of proving how big my dick is. :D
  8. doli


    If either jack or spyder were making the kind of money that SCT is claimed to produce, they would be well known, at many places other than ET.
  9. fantastic, MB.

    looking forward to the showdown!

  10. Hey, why not ask Woodie CCI to join in the fun.

    What a Cluster F^%$
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