Ultimate Test Of Stoned Investing:

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  1. Folks I don't advocate drug use. For me I'm Original Gangster X Generation I believe The oldest last possible way to be X Gen 1964 (correct me if I'm wrong) But that's how I've been living my life.

    Ok Today I'm bored. Chastised by my wife for screwing up a big dinner (don't ask but already cooked rice looks different than uncooked rice and there is no need to cook it again) So I'm nibbling here nothing's too exciting or jumping out at me. I've been on the computer NON STOP since 7:00 in the morning, now in my fourth hour without food just coffee is it that wrong to get completely stoned and return to the keyboard?

    After a nice smoke it became instantly clear I had to buy 02 Micro. This is for a variety of reasons the first being Often when there's two stocks with similar names I will have the stinky one and be forced to look it up in the paper and always see that other one doing so well . Such is the case here with a penny stk I put in by wife's Ira (got her back) called On2 something and this stock called 02 something.

    I immediately knew the OTHER one would be a big winner so I follow that as well. And this is how I use my bad luck for me I buy the other name somewhere else! Ha!

    02 Micro is WEIRD. They have built a strategy on litigation that I do not under stand. They have a PE of 475.

    This is a gut call folks inspired by Jimmy Cliff! And a chart read by yours truly, incorporated in the cayman islands baby, semiconductor circuits for Power Management & Security applications, an LCD play as well-- average PT right where it is. 3 Buys 2 Holds On the street. No reason to buy this stock folks.

    1200 done at a bad fill of $9.76 OIIM

    The Ultimate Test: This Is Science Folks! You all are my control group-- clear headed well fed.
    I am off my rocker at 11:00 in the morning.
    Does the creative effects of marijuana consumption during market hours increase the likelihood of nailing
    an idea otherwise you would have over looked?

    That, my friends- is the question. Now off to Union Square Cafe to sit at the bar at lunch get drunk
    and return after 2:00 to a sea of beautiful GREEN!

    02 Micro Is My Stoney Play Of The Day!!!!!!
  2. Drug use per se... is not bad or wrong.

    It all depends on the drugs one uses... and how.
    Also... different people react very differently to the same drug.

    I make 300 trades/day... every day...
    And take a prescription drug cocktail that I have evolved over 10 years.

    Without the drugs...
    My productivity would go down by at least 20%...
    Sort of like fighter pilots need speed to keep flying under extreme conditions.

    On the other hand...
    If I smoked weed or drank alcohol...
    My productivity would pretty much go to ZERO.

    So to each his own...
    Whatever works for you.
  3. ElCubano


    i am a krpy consumer..and over the years have pretty much done my share of other stuff when i was younger..from rolls to yeyo ( bad choice if you ask me, part of being young in SOBE ).

    I find that comsuming krypi while it might be bad for my lungs and my wallet :p helps me relax..I know i dont need it , but there is nothing better than a nice toke of the smoke. I think its time to quit though.... :)
  4. you sound like a fun guy to hang out with .Does your wife work? How do you afford to live the life you do ?

    My goal some years ago, long before all of my ambition was sucked out of me, before I became a cynical hater, before I knew what schadenfruede ment, was to make enough money so that I could do exactly what you do. Hang out, get stoned all day and think of cool stuff.

    I wish I had planned it better.
  5. ElCubano


    this is perhaps the worst thing you can have going for you....never be a hater. By stopping to live in the future and starting to live in the NOW you too can stop the hate....everyone in the NOW is equal; evny and jelousy are the 2 worst emotions to your health.... peace
  6. gabe


    ha i hope this trade is successful just so we can see more threads like these :)
  7. tough to trade when you are trying to cook your mouse and cover it with peanut butter and mayonaise. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......mousebutternaiselicious...
  8. How does a guy who got his screename from a guy that used to jam with Phish in the early days become a hater?

    BTW, this is shaping up to be my most favorite thread ever.

  9. I wasn't always this way. I don't hate all the time. It just seems more so the last few years than ever. I used to enjoy watching sports, baseball football etc, and I rooted for teams to win. Now I can only enjoy a sporting event rooting for a team to lose. It is much less painful when the team you hope loses wins, than it is when the team you hope wins loses. Time for more paxil I guess.
  10. the Hunter S. Thompson of Elite Trader. I think you are on to something... As for your methodology - I think it's bulletproof. I ran a test of it on my Vic 20 (had the cassettedeck turned to 11 to crunch all the data) - 99.9% win rate!!!
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