ultimate mobile trading station

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  1. i have always thought of using a mini projector as a second screen.. but this is probably better
  2. Ultimate?

    $2395, 2.66GHz Core i5-560M CPU... hmmmm...

  3. when im traveling:

    I use 2 large screen HP 20.5" laptops.... thats 2 screens PLUS redundancy in case one of the laptops dies on me for whatever reason.

    its the best way to go

    *** with that Gscreen laptop, if the mb or hard drive goes, both screens become useless.
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    could you post please post a link for the HP laptops? my google search came up with nothing.
  5. here is a link, they are not in production anymore, i bought mine at COMPUSA for $2150 each, a lil over a yr and half ago, not cheap


    and its 20.1"....not 20.5".....my mistake, for some reason i thought they were .5", not like the .4" difference is a big deal, ........hell, its over 20" !!

    Hope fully someone else will come up with a new laptop of the same size sometime soon, no doubt will be at least $2000
  6. what does cpu spec has anything to do with trading? you can trade on a dual core just fine.
  7. The CPU spec does not has something to do with trading directly. But does have to do with pricing. You can buy laptops today a little over $1000 with CPU performance and memory and disk space surpassing that IBM Thinkpad design. So you are paying $1400 extra for the sliding second LCD screen.
  8. ultimate mobile trading station only has one required feature= low weight
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    Maybe somebody will make a shirt that doubles as a screen. Put the shirt on your gf, buy some coffees, and trade from a cellphone...

    There might be technical issues that had to be ironed out. 3d plots of backtested parameter spaces might be distorted if your gf was really built but who couldn't live with that?
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