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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JetFuel, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. JetFuel


    Which one of the following setups do you guys think would be ideal for trading:

    1) 1 Dell 2405FPW flanked by 2 Dell 2001FP lcds (one on each side)

    2) 4 Dell 2001FP lcds side by side

    3) 3 Dell 2405FPW lcds side by side

    Please include reasons for your choice.

  2. Moreagr


    #2 more screen real estate for your buck.
  3. syrre


    What about 2 x 2405FPW ?
    This is what I am planning (3840x1200res.)
  4. Moreagr


    well at that rez i t would be tuff to pick... but the 24s are more costly if you look at it at price per inch.

    whats it going for.... the 24??
  5. syrre


    Around 1000 USD I think.
  6. r-in


  7. Moreagr


    its your choice... but 20s are fine IMHO
    now if your have difficulty view the L2 data and tape then i would def go with the 24 inch.
  8. More 20's because:

    1. you can easily switch the charts in each individual monitor, if needed
    2. it will cost you less up front probably
    3. if one goes down, you have others to back it up with and they don't cost so much to replace
  9. I choose neither, I currently use 2 toshiba sattlellite notebooks, 2 soney vaois, and 3 accer desktops. I modiefied all the hardware, and I find that screens are good, but you should change your graphics card to gamer quality cards.
  10. Moreagr


    why the gamer cards?? the cheap pci dual cards work great just $50 each or less...
    #10     Jul 28, 2005