Ultimate Hindenburg Signal: Unsold Cocoa Stockpiles Burgeoning

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  1. U.S. ports are packed with cars that aren't selling.
    And tons of other crap sitting on the docks.
    Japan exports have tumbled.
    We are not consuming like we used to.
    It is a Global consumer strike.
    Earnings will be hurting.
  2. Supply>Demand

    A while ago, someone posted pics of the Jungles of cars sitting unsold/undelivered. But, if you go to a auto dealer and try to kick-em in the nuts, they give some b.s. story and their hands are tied.

  3. fhl


    it's no bs.

    they don't need to sell.

    they can count on this administration and congress to bail them out. they would be stupid to sell too cheap.


  4. Port of Long Beach, the busiest port in the nation, has run out of space to store Asian and European import cars.

    They are projecting auto sales of 8.8 million in the U.S., on an annualized pace this year, compared to 17.1 million in 2006.

    This is an unprecedented drop in demand.

    Globally, it's just as bad if not worse.

    Elsewhere around the globe, Toyota has resorted to leasing cargo ships to store CARS ON THE SEA:

  5. LOL I thought you said unsold *coca* stockpiles.

    Now that would be really bad. :cool:
  6. Pinozi


    I thought I read coca cola!

    If the US stops drinking coke then you know its really bad
  7. ... in which case we'd really be in for a Greater Depression.
  8. Hillarious! They're building another parking lot to hold all these cars.
  9. We're going to need another market to hold all the inventory of treasuries coming on!

    The American way!

    Let's stimulate our economy by building sh*t to hold excessive inventory.
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