Ultimate Buy Signal

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Arnie, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Arnie


    3:34 PM EDT

    Cramer just said "I can't recommend any longs here...."

    Load the boat!!:D
  2. Josh009


    Don't you mean "'mon back"?

  3. ================

    You mean, you mean NOT ''always a bull market somewhere'':p ;
    most everything is downtrending, has been for months.

    XLE, oil & gas sector still looks uptrendy:cool:
  4. Did he really say that.......Jesus what kind of limited knowledge cop out is this crap.......ahow can you not recommend any longs....
  5. 4re


    Just last night Cramer said CAL would hit 36 no problem, big buy. Take a look at the chart today. Down 2.32 for the day.:D
  6. 4re


  7. Arnie


    Well, he did add, "...except for dividend plays":D
  8. ======================

    Dont know every word he says, and its hard not to make jokes with him, since he likes to laugh, belly laugh so much.


    However he has been consistanly right on selling, not buying airlines; even though airlines have a great service, plus great customer service, great brand recognition.

    Dont like many longs now ,
    but again his SLB, NBR are up,
    year charts.

    Not a stock tip but his Smith & Wesson mention a year ago [JULY-05, yahoo.com]] is still up over 100%:cool: He titled it ''Fire up gunmaker'':cool: