UK's Suicidal Politicians: State-funded Muslim school

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  1. Glasgow City Council (GCC) have met with pressure group The Campaign for Muslim Schools (CMS) and conceded ground on previous objections to plans for a state-funded Muslim school in the city.

    CMS spokesman Osama Saeed said, that GCC was not as opposed to the proposal as before and that the two groups had agreed to draft a proposal on further plans to move the project forward. Mr Saeed added, “We discussed a procedure and a set of criteria by which a Muslim school would be established. We look forward to working with them [GCC] on meeting these requirements in the months ahead.”

    As well as being a spokesman for MCB, Mr Saeed also runs his own website which appears to focus exclusively on “putting the stick about” as the site tag states, to anybody who does not toe the Muslim agenda for world domination, with Israel and the Jews in particular being a favourite target.

    A Council spokesman said that a public consultation would be held to gauge community support for the idea once a detailed proposal had been received from CMS.

    Attempts by CMS to have Willowbank Primary designated as the first state-funded Muslim school have failed so far but pressure is mounting and the Council appears to be weakening on the issue.

    The CMS have been busy telling Muslims to put pressure on Glasgow City Council so they will give in to their demands.
  2. State-funded Muslim school: Coming to America soon, I'm sure.
  3. If there are state funded christian schools, then there should be state funded muslim schools too... and jewish and hindu and buddhist... whatever. Best is not to have any state funded religious schools, and that way there won't be any discrimination.
  4. Yes I agree! No state funded religious schools. Simple as that.

    Are there state funded christian schools in England??
  5. Liberals like to throw out hypothetical theories, but can never back them up with examples. Just to smear some one.
  6. What do you mean by hypothetical theories? Who is trying to smear whom?

  7. Sure. In European countries Christian Schools. In Muslim countries Muslims schools. How would you like a state funded Jewish school in Saudia Arabia. Perhaps not far from Mecca?
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    You don’t understand competition. Perhaps you do, but you wish it never existed because competition produces winners and losers or, majorities and minorities. If liberals were honest with themselves, they would admit to the hypocrisy behind their “Even-Steven” game.

    If you have 10 churches, you must have 10 mosques. If the State funds Christianity, then it must also fund the Islamists. Otherwise, neither side should have anything. The problem with this is the constant existence of competition, which always produces winners and losers. In this case, the competition is the influence of Christianity vs. Islam in the West.

    So when you try to make everything even, you find yourself always taking the losing side: you must bring down a majority and promote a minority. That’s why liberals applaud the promotion of Islam in the Christian West. That’s why Islam is replacing Christianity in terms of influencing the UK government.

    Liberals always take the losing side to make everything even, but nothing ever is, and if so it never lasts because it’s inherently unstable. And often times liberals succeed in corroding great societies to the point the minority defeats the majority, after periods of needless disorder, destruction, bloodshed, and mayhem.

    After all that, the liberals, in pursuit of their Even-Steven society, watch in horror as another side wins and becomes the new majority.

    Liberalism simply corrupted British society to the point they despise Christianity and want to replace it with Islam. But eventually one side always wins and the Even-Steven society is never achieved. After all that, the liberals do it all over again to only be dumbfounded once again by human nature.
  9. Ahhh, the dreaded C word. Losers hate competition and naturally so. Winners on the other hand generally like and prefer competition; hence they are in general winners.

    Unfortunately in the US the liberals are trying to remove competition from our environment, especially from out kids’ environment. Why, because by encouraging competition we create winners and losers. Heaven forbid if little Johnny loses. He might develop a low self esteem and may feel sad. Woopty fucking do. We are creating a generation of wimps who when they enter the real world will be forced to compete. And guess what, they will fall on their face. Some will pick themselves up but most are being set up for failure, all in the name of removing the concept of winners and losers.

    We are not only setting our kids up for failure but we are setting our country up for failure. We are getting out competed by those who embrace winners and encourage competition. All the while some jerkoffs who maybe had a hard time in school because they did not compete are now setting policy that will have a severe detriment on our society and our children.
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    could not agree more about the competition in school thing. Now that I think about it most of these liberals I know suck at sports.

    George will - baseball player. Al Fraken big fat loser. Tom Selleck Athlete conservative, Tim Robbins, Michael Moore - losers. Ronald Reagan, athlete -- Jimmy Carter wimp.

    I get it now. Think back to high school look around -- that guy in the corner by himself who could threw like a girl... you know... liberal.

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