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  1. Hi traders,

    I’m an ex-local who left trading a few years ago. Into STIRS, futures spreads, butterflys blah blah. I see the market has finally come back to something interesting, and am considering a return.

    Anyone got any recommendations for how to set up retail brokerage accounts? Do they bundle in any necessary software? When I left I was with a big clearing firm. The commissions were reasonable, but the costs were getting out of control. Stellar, CQG, mkt data fees, regulation fees. Fee administration fees (not a joke).

    I was doing a reasonable amount of systematic trading, so something with an API would be good. If anyone would like to put up some commission numbers for doing say, 50k lots a month that would be most helpful.

    Would be interested to hear what is considered to be a good prop trading floor in London at the moment? Know things have probably changed a lot over the years.

    Any info, very much appreciated.
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    CQG allows trading as well as an api so that saves the cost of stellar.
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    who did you clear through before?
  4. Hi ZBZB,
    I actually thought CGQ was a great product, albeit pricey when you go for the full trading / charting bundle. Just had a few issues with the autotrader that could not be resolved. I cleared Marex, who I found to be quite good, and open with their pricing.

    But now looking for a broker who can bundle some bits up. Thinking IB may be the largest, and probably then cheapest for what I need. Perhaps Advantage Futures may be worth a look also. Are you in a prop house yourself?
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    I have an account at IB and an options membership from CBOT so I do not have to pay the exchange fee. I am in London and work from home, had a coworking office space before covid.

    do you want office space?

    If you do not like the IB software then use as a front end for $25 a month.
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