UK traders what market can you day trade?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chipmunk, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. I day trade US stocks but it's a bit tricky with the starting and closing times.

    I am considering day trading a UK or European market. Which ones have enough volume and volatility?
  2. UK stoks do not offer the same volatiltiy as US stocks that's for sure.

    I was thinking futures. Eurobonds, DAX, FTS100, etc...
  3. how can u daytrader Uk stocks with crazy stamp duty are u mad
  4. did I say i was or wanrted to day trade UK stocks?

    I wantd to know what markets can I day trade in the UK/Europe....
  5. I trade FDAX and ES depending on my schedule. UK time is ideal because it allows for alot of flexibility.
  6. Bund and Bobl on Eurex, 7am UK time till 4pm.

    Loads of liquidity, and if you can trade range as well as trends you are sorted.

    Eurostoxx OKish too, but in normal conditions it is a little stagnant, though loads of liquidity.