UK traders - Spread betting etc.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Streetwise, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Ok guys from the UK , it's these bunch of cowboys again. I have met with some problems , little surprise you might say but I would like your views.

    I have signed with a SB firm But I find :

    1) the software is basically shit , the worst I have ever come across , it takes like 45 mins to load and sticks like hell.

    2) the dealing team I find no terribly good, many are amateurish and rude as shit when challenged on their poor knowledge.

    3) the head of dealing is much the same , talks like he's cowboy and shows only interest in ripping off clients , he brokers no dissent whatsoever no matter how well explained it is.

    4) not all of the dealers are bad some of them are good and quite friendly but rest are as above.

    Shall I continue as it is the only access to the market I have or likely will since they ban winners and I don't not have enough cap to go direct.

    Or shall I get out and complain to the FSA.