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    I'm a London based short-end bond trader. Am seriously thinking about doing a stint in California around the Orange County/San Diego area.

    None of the London based firms have offices in California, only chicago and new york.

    Does anyone know any prop firms that either allow you to put your own money down or back you? And do they work they same way as firms in London do, i.e., a monthly desk fee and spin costs and the trader takes about 80% of the profits at the end of each month.

    I've heard about the firm Bright but looking for other firms....

    Also does anyone have any idea how difficult it is to get a green card? And if you need one for one or two years of working in the US? And does this apply to self-employed traders?
  2. i'm also based in london and have wanted to move over the pond for some time...reasons being cost of living and weather!

    as far as as i know...and i'm by no means an expert on this type of thing it's nigh on impossible unless you get sponsored by a company.

    with regard to a green card - if you are a UK citizen you cannot get one....period.

    my girlfriend has one (she has an Irish passport) and if i married her, then i would automatically be entitled to live there with her...funnily enough not a step i'm prepared to take yet!!!!!

    from a company point of view, the company has to prove that a local could not do the same job...not a difficult thing to prove in finance actually. one of my friends company's had him down as a european bond specialist/analyst.

    as far as i know is pretty damn difficult going over there as a self-employed trader though.

    i've often thought of approaching a US prop firm with a business plan to set up a eurex trading sideline...purely for the sponsorship of entry into the US on a work permit. i'm sure if you could make it worth a prop shop's while...i.e. bring a few people over...give them a cut...brokerage etc. it would be in their interests to sort you out with the necessary paperwork.

    if i'm way off the mark...i'd love to be told otherwise though.
  3. There are LOADS of Brits working here. I have no idea how they do it, but its a hell of a lot easier than it is for a Yank to work in England. That is a fact.
  4. Better check a immigration lawyer. Marrying a US GC holder does not entitle you to have one right away.
    The last I heard, take years to get it unless you are a US citizen, then it will take from 3-6 months.

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    Thanks squadron leader for the reply, it was really helpful. I've got aussie mates over in london that have managed to get sponsored by the prop firms here no problem, so i'll imagine it shouldn't be too much of a problem over there. I've also got the opportunity to stay with my current firm and trade over there just through a broadband line or something faster from a flat or house. We've got people at my firm that trade all around the UK from their own home so its a strong possibility I could do the same over there with a link into our new york office. It would just be easier to find a firm over there instead of doin it myself.

    Are you trading at the moment in London, and what would you trade over in california?

    Be good to stay in contact if you are thinking of going over there still.
  6. Only this week I got notice of my H1-B visa approval (on special skills) as my firm don't have a registered UK office, this is not the hardest thing in the world to do but you do need a specialist US lawyer and they are only issued effective Oct 1 and in limited numbers so you need to get your skates on for this year, find a sponser, get the paperwork filled in etc.....

    Even easier and probably your best bet is as your firm have offices in US and UK and if you have worked for them for at least a year then you can get an inter-company transfer. I doubt there will be a requirement that you can't work from CA via phone/pc.

    Good luck.
  7. I know you can do it, but I'd say it would be more difficult than your Aussie buddies working in London. You guys have that whole Commonwealth agreement thing (you can work in any Commonwealth country, and visa versa). I'm jealous as hell of that. We were once a colony, how come we are not part of the Commonwealth? Maybe that little revolution had something to do with it.

    BTW, you may want to look into SF as well. There are a few prop shops, and the town is quite "Euro" in feel. Almost all my European buds prefer it over any other city. And no, I don't mean to insult you in case you are one of those Brits that hates to be lumped into that category with the mainland. (there is the chunnel now though. You're connected!)

    Its cold in downtown San Francisco, but warm as soon as you go in any direction out of the City. Except the beach. Gotta go an hour south to ditch the wind (Santa Cruz). Oh, lots of single women in the City as well. Out number the guys big time.
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    Hi, I also have been looking to move from London to the US. Apart from the visa, another problem with moving is that most US prop firms do not trade Bond futures. Most firms that trade bonds are in Chicago, and some in NY.
    So if you guys know of any firms in CA that trade bonds please let me know.
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    Yeah, that seems to be what i'm finding out, that most firms in CA are trading stocks. Can't blame them as i think with the time difference the US treasury's open at 5.20am CA time. But then at least you finish work at lunch time with the whole afternoon free, thats what i'm after....
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