UK to give Syria's rebel army £500,000, School meals made smaller to save money

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    Britain to give Syria's opposition £500,000 aid


    School meals 'made smaller to save money'

    Children are going hungry, teachers and parents warn

    School meal portions are being shrunk, leaving children to go hungry, teachers and parents have warned. Smaller portion sizes caused by cost-cutting are reported in schools across the country and are of particular concern, given the increase in the number of impoverished pupils who rely on school lunches as their only hot meal of the day. Primary-age children, in particular, are going hungry after being given lunches that are too small, according to teachers.
  2. That's one European idea we need to adopt. Our kids are a bunch of lazy fat asses. [​IMG]
  3. Any of you, take an informal survey. Ask the next person you see, what was the longest they went without putting something in their mouth.

    I ask kids, what the longest you went without eating. You'd be surprised at the answers.

    Ask anyone to not eat for six hours, sheeet you're talking starvation to some people.


    Me personally, I think it's the poor quality of food that keeps people starving.