UK Tax Rates 50%....USA Next ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. fire yourself, stop contributing to this socialist construction.

    no revenues = no taxes, live like a parasite
  2. 50% tax rate. I guess England wants to drive out all its wealthy people...
  3. lol. Time to gtfo of the UK. Let the brain-drain to the US begin...

    Or wait, didn't I just read that many exceptional idividuals are choosing to ditch the US as well?

    hmmm.... Singapore ahoy!!!
  4. time to move to Asia:mad:
  5. pounding taking a pounding, 1.445
  6. what a crappy economy, sounds so third world to me

    UK sucks anyways
  7. Anyone here familiar with U.S. historical tax rates?
  8. In the 1800s, England was the world's economic powerhouse.

    In the 1900s, the USA was the power.

    Now, it's Asia. No denying nor getting around it.

    Cope with that or get trampled...
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