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  1. Hi there,

    Just curious to test the waters and see if there are many private, home based scalpers in the UK on Elite Trader.

    Bund, Bobl, Schatz & European Stock Index futures as primary points of interest.

    Also curious to find out what broker / software combinations are popular.

    Any feedback would be gratefully received!

    The Alpha Monkey
  2. Secondly.....

    Anyone here from any of the following firms (or similar):

    Saxon, Atlas, Mako, LCG, Kyte, Candlestick Trading Company, GHF etc....

  3. Cutten


    I'm in the UK, clear through Fortis and use TT to trade the Eurex and LIFFE stock index & bond contracts.
  4. Hi Cutten,

    Interesting... TT is a certainty. How come you chose to clear through Fortis? Did you look at many others?

    Am considering options currently. I'm keen to develop a bit more knowledge on tax as well. Reckon there should be a way to operate half way between being a local and a hedge fund from a tax perspective, while still living in the UK. - these guys look like they are doing something clever taxwise. Don't know the details though.

    There's always Gib too........ For the time being.....
  5. you use X trader and what you are charged by the firms in the UK

    monthly to use it ?
  6. Cutten


    Fortis have pretty low commissions for what I trade, also I've been there for a while so know the staff. I've looked at others from time to time, but not been able to get the same rates. Also Fortis have massive capital backing from their parent, whereas Kyte, GHF etc are not in the same league and your funds would be more at risk if a trader took a big hit and the clearer blew up.

    With tax, my advice would be get some word of mouth recommendations about someone specialising in advanced and/or offshore taxation. There are quite a few possibilities out there for traders.
  7. What do you trade? Eurostoxx, Dax or FTSE?
  8. just21


    Cutten, do you have a private circuit to your home or do you use the internet?
  9. I trade the majority of European Index futures. Particular favourites, EuroStoxx, OMX and the dancing DAX. FTSE doesn't seem to work so well for me...

    I'm a fan of double bottoms (tops) and RSI "hooks" in conjunction with over extended price action.

    How about yourself? What strategies do you tend to go for?
  10. Thanks for your pointers....
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