UK riots: was Enoch right ?

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  1. "I still cannot forsee how a country can be peaceably governed in which the composition
    of the population is progressively going to change. I am talking about violence on a scale
    which can only be described as civil war. I cannot see there can be any other outcome".
    It would not be a race war but "about people who revolt against being trapped in a situation
    where they feel at the mercy of a built-in racial majority, whatever its colour" and claimed
    that the government had made contingency plans for such an event. The solution he claimed
    was repatriation on a large scale and the cost of doing this in welfare payments and pensions
    was well worth paying." interview in 'Sunday People' December 1988
  2. Ricter


    Speaking of civil wars... how 'bout our own? White v. white.
  3. Eight


    Blacks are the canary in the coal mine with regard to the worldwide meltdown of socialism... if it's getting worse for them then welfare isn't paying enough and the governments don't have the ability to raise it... Collectivism sucks worse than the problems it supposedly fixes...
  4. If the entity running the collectivism is the size of the current US government, yeah it would be shitty.
  5. I have a better civil war: non-union v union, or public sector v private sector [​IMG]