UK riots vs Black flash mobs

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  1. UK idiots take the cake by far in terms of scum of the earth. Wow, what a bunch of morons.
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    The sad thing is that all these crazy assholes involved in the mobs are leading us into an even bigger police state.

    They just came out with curfews in philadelphia for kids under 18 they now have to be inside before 9:00.
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    What did the kids in Philly do??
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    I think some flash mobs, just look up "philadelphia flash mobs," or "philadelphia curfew" im sure you will find it..... i just saw the part about the curfew on the news.
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    Max E.

    Here is an article on it, i heard wrong, they are not allowed "downtown" after 9:00 its not after 9:00 all the time.

    Philadelphia's mayor has announced that a curfew for minors will go into effect this weekend, in an effort to prevent "flash mobs" from forming, the State Column reports.

    Residents younger than 13 will have to be home by 10 p.m., while those under 18 can be out until midnight. Nobody under 18 can be downtown on Fridays and Saturdays after 9 p.m.

    First-time offenders will be taken to a police station and fined $300, while repeat offenders could face tickets as high as $500, according to the BBC. Under the new policy, parents can be held responsible for any crimes committed by minors after curfew.

    The mobs, described as consisting only of young black men, organize themselves through social media, and commit attacks so large and spontaneous as to make traditional law enforcement methods impossible.

    Flash mobs have been responsible for several instances of violence around the country recently, most prominently at the Wisconsin State Fair this past weekend. The most recent Philadelphia incident featured an unprovoked attack by 40 black youth—one as young as 11—on two whites in the downtown historic district.

    “Today, we are issuing an enforcement response and a community response to these terrible acts by a small number of reckless teenagers who have damaged our city and our citizens,” Mayor Michael Nutter said.

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  6. not to mention the average flash mob participant is about 15 and I would bet the average UK rioter is low 20's. Further downgrade of UK'ers
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    Max E.

    Wait until we see it escalate here, the first time a group of gangbangers who are actually armed with guns go into the streets we are going to have military everywhere, and we are going to look like a third world country with military personnel on every corner walking the streets with M-16's

    I dont think people understand how quickly it could deteriorate here given the fact that we have the most heavily armed citizenry of any of the G7 countries. If it gets out of control here and gangbangers decide to get in on this shit, we could look like Somalia in a heartbeat, with gangbangers opening fire in the streets and armed citizens firing back.

    One positive thing is that if that started to happen, i guarantee we would withdraw our military from around the world and bring them home where they belong protecting our own citizenry.
  8. They really plan on enforcing that? This is the stupidest rule I've ever seen.
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    Sounds exciting.

    Hmmm you may be giving Odumbo more credit than he's due on this one.
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    Max E.

    Yeah im sure the same guys who are going around trashing the city and murdering people are all of a sudden going to change their minds because there is a curfew in place...... lol more government stupidity, what they should do is say that they are just going to open fire on the first assholes they catch in the street doing this, see how many of these guys keep doing it with their life on the line.
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