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    Hello everyone

    please advise me props that can offer trading in UK stock market

  2. You should be more specific...
    What size account?
    Are you looking for a firm based in the UK or one that is just able to trade UK stocks and based elsewhere?
    And also where you're based.

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    There is no prop trading in UK shares as you have to pay .5% stamp duty.
  5. marine


    This is not correct. You can get around the stamp duty by trading CFDs or by holding a security for less than a month.
  6. just21


    So how do you get a rebate for holding a security for less than a month?
  7. marine


    If you are an exchange member and hold the security for less than 28 days. There are different types of membership and I believe LSE has recently made it easier to become a member for competitive reasons.

    Or if you qualify for "Intermediary Relief" then there is no holding period.

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  8. just21


    Can individuals become members of the Exchange?
    Private persons can not trade directly on the London Stock Exchange and to become a member, you must meet a number of requirement’s which can be found above and relate to authorised/exempt firms not approved/exempt individuals. If you wish to begin trading as a private investor you should contact one of the London Stock Exchange's retail member firms.