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    So the days of Tony Blair are drawing to an end. Mostly because his party membership and the UK citizenship disagree with the Iraq mess, and his friend George Bush.

    So what are the alternatives?

    Gordon Brown? The Chancellor of the Exchequer (the equivalent of the Fed aka Benny B!?) Blairs 'right hand man' - who are publicly at loggerheads with eachother! Oh dear.

    David Cameron? Leader of the opposition - equivalent of US Republican/conservatives. But he's going green!

    The fact is that UK political success is determined by the stance on Europe that one takes.

    The UK has 3 options:

    1/ Join Europe.

    2/ Become independent of Europe. An independent country. Good ole Brits, stiff upper lip, tradition, etc.

    3/ The thing UK people dont get: If they are anti Europe, then the second option is a fallacy. The second option is really to become a satellite of USA policy and ideas.

    Maggie was ousted by pro Europeans for her favor of American style. Blair is going the same way.... They both favored American allies and ideas over European ones.

    But what of the alternatives Brown & Cameron? Well the truth is that they both back the American stance on the UK being a side saddle passenger. They both back the Iraq war (despite criticisms), saying they would have done the same with the given 'evidence'.

    So I guess whoever follows Tony - Labour or Conservative, the British public will always be towing the American line whether they like it or not, despite who they vote for. And in turn, who ever gets the vote will be ousted in time until the UK powers that be get what they want = UK + Euro.

    This comment is made in summary of an Editorial in The London Evening Standard newspaper which unfortunately the poster can not find a link to.

    Well, I thought it was interesting.....