UK: Police body warns of riots and unrest

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    `The chairman of the Police Federation, which represents thousands of rank-and-file officers, warned yesterday of mass 1970s-style social disorder were Britain to suffer a similar crisis to the one that has hit Greece.

    Pointing to the recent violence in Athens, Paul McKeever said he was worried the UK could suffer race riots and industrial unrest over the next few years.

    "We could have that sort of distress on the streets again," he told officers at the federation's annual conference in Bournemouth.'

    `Mr McKeever showed conference delegates an emotive video that juxtaposed present-day pictures from Greece with television images from 1977 of a National Front march in Lewisham and the Grunwick industrial dispute in north London.

    "I have real fears we might go back to something like that . . . history tells us it happens again and again," he said.'

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  2. time he retired
  3. werent there massive race riots in northern england some years back?
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    Yes, and McKeever was there.
  5. This should come as no surprise. They just killed 3 in Greece because there bennies are being cut off.
    What's interesting, to me, is that the EU has much higher taxes than US and they still default. I know, its spending vs. receipts and such, but interesting to note. All I can surmise is that with ppl. living longer and fewer being born we are going to have problems as we continue to lose tax payers and have more taking benefits.
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    Its obvious to people who work in the private sector.

    1. once you get past 10-12% tax... the more you tax the less productive the workers become.

    As the freeloaders standard of living is increased the workers realize it and say to themselves I must be an idiot to work my ass off so I can have 10% more to spend.

    2. Also as you tax more... the less incentive people have to risk their time and money in commerce.

    3. Finally when govt grows - it starts destroying the tax base.
    Everyone can't be a highly paid government worker. You need a productive private sector to support the fat government workers.
  7. A minor Skirmish no larger than a 2nd Division football clash on a Saturday, we have not seen anything like a decent riot since the Poll Tax riots.
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    wait until the recent "dolers" get out of hand.
    thats why there's a "fire select switch"on most repelents.