UK PC Gestapo: 'Rule Britania' song latest victim

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  1. england does not have free speech

    nor does the germany, france, or canada.

    it's very sad. the CCLA (canadian civil liberties association) has some good case law cites.

    to put it in brief, canada does not have free speech, nor does england.

    neither has a constitutional protection of what rights they do have, either

    the parliamentary override system in canada is particularly troubling

  2. Wow, the things we take for granted here in the US, or in atleast most parts. But no free speech in most of America's universities . . .
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    The US does not have free speech either. You cannot yell "fire" in a theatre, for example. You still have not addressed that simple, and instructive fact, Whitster.
  4. the US does have free speech, campus speech codes (which are consistently overturned being an exception)

    you CAN yell fire in a crowded theatre.

    you cannot falsely yell fire in a crowded theatre.

    see, the distinction? it's not a content restriction. govt. doesn't criminalize the speech because the opinion is wrong. it's only illegal to knowingly state "fire" in a crowded theatre because it creates an immediate imminent threat to public safety. it is reckless endagerment, because the stampede would be dangerous

    there is no political or opinion rights being expressed by the yelling of fire. there is merely the attempt, or the reckless disregard for - a creation of a stampede.

    if you can't understand this distinction then i feel sad for you, but i get tired of arguing with sophomores.

    again, we don't criminalize speech based on opinion. we PROTECT it. that makes us unique, and better
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    I do understand the distinction. It takes into account human nature: the possibility of a human stampede.

    So do the lines on speech drawn in some other societies. Sorry, life is better here in Canada, in spite of all your theoretically perfect arguments to the contrary.
  6. There is absolutely freedom of speech in America, but not for whites:

    As recorded by California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) on multiple occasions various hispanic public figures of promimence and in positions of power made explicitly racist and supremacist statements, thus leaving no doubt about the existence of Hispanic supremacism in the United States. They proclaimed that "browning of America" means increasing power and control for their group, they called California proposition 187 the last gasp of white America, and they instructed that the power is not given, but it must be taken.
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    Yeah, but are the "whites" really white? I mean, if they have a really dark tan, do they start to act a little bit Hispanic, or even (shudder) black?

    Just asking.
  8. When liberals run out of things to say, they begin to say idiotic things. Just an observation.
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    That's a briliant observation! Would you mind telling me your skin color? I'd like to seek out people in my area with that same skin color, to get more of that good reasoning!
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