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  1. I've been trading for many years and simply looking for others-trading buddies, possibly newbies but not interested in those who do not trade real money and suck the life out of you!
  2. Not one reply-I am so sick of lame UK 'traders' Surely there are some out there? Or are they all bickering among themselves imagining forex trading will make them rich?
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    Why trade uk options when us options are more liquid?
  4. I only trade the index- so liquidity is fine, plus the trading hours suit me plus currency risk and costs-as I no longer use IB and sometimes trade naked-which requires 100K in IB
    Why trade the US? It's no different bang for buck,but they get horrible 'fat finger' trades
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    Who do you use?
  6. Sucden
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    Most of the uk traders are on I met a few people their that i shared an office with in w1 until they got a job at a hedge fund.
  8. For those unfamiliar W1 is the west end of London and is quite upscale.

    It contains famous places like Bond street, Baker street and Piccadilly.

    I used to stay at the Charing Cross Hotel on top of Charing Cross station in w1. I loved to walk around central London from there.

    I understand it has undergone a big renovation since the days I stayed there and I probably couldn't afford it today. I'd have to stay out in the boonies.
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    The way the pound is going you should be able to afford it.
  10. I looked it up.

    The cheapest room at the new Charing Cross for April 1st is $246 a night.

    A similar room in Philadelphia at the Valley Forge Hilton is $179 a night.

    Now I used to stay at both these hotels.

    I can't remember what I used to pay at Charing Cross but it was much less than the Valley Forge Hilton.

    The pound my be sinking but London (or at least the Charing Cross) has gotten expensive.

    $246 a night for 5 nights is $1230.

    Well.... maybe I could afford it. I am thinking of going sometime in April.


    As for trading UK options... wouldn't touch them. Too easy to manipulate and who would you complain to??

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