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  1. It seems the UK may be waking up to options. I've been trading since '99 and all of my education was thanks to the US educators. We now see the London Trading Group and Saxo Bank offering free training.
    I have been trying to popularise options as they are so much fun to trade (or they were until ETFs killed the market). I have been the main contributor to :
    I post a trade each week. For fun. For free.
    Nearly all of them have made a decent profit- I just see a forlorn army of failed forex traders deluding themselves as there are a handful of successful people-but options give us a much better chance. Brits are worse than lazy- so many times I have seen them sign up to some guru or other, to be told what to trade. I just want people to wake up and give options a chance-it's my passion, it's been my living for a decade or more. Of course there's nothing in it for brokers, commissions are cheap.(Spreadbetting is not a viable way to trade options strategies as the spreads are laughable) Wake up England!
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  2. Did you by any chance previously post on

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    Yes commissions are cheap - data fees for uk options aren`t - unfortunately. I`d love to trade Ftse100 options but don`t know how to overcome that hurdle. Or am I missing something? I `d use IB UK and SaxoCH.

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  4. Terrapin 1 from Fool- yes. Been banging the same drum for 15 years
  5. Ino longer use live data as I get quotes from my broker. Saxo does a demo platform but prices are not live. The only source I found was IB at €30 a month. I trade much longer term these days, and wait for entries to hit my prices. We are royally screwed by the institutions who do not want anyone getting live data-as their ability to -allegedely, manipulate markets might be affected and might just allow retail traders not to be crushed. Many finance graduates are not taught options- how hard can it be to learn forex? The provides 15 min delayed, which is fine for my purposes. It took me about 20 minutes trying to navigate the site-can you imagine a spreadbet platform being so obtuse? You can open an account and lose all your money in minutes with spread bet platforms. Google give live FTSE cash(and delayed VFTSE) -so does IG of course
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    Thanks or your speedy reply. I wouldn`t complain about USD 30 p.m., but the fee I was quoted for FTSE Futures Options was about USD 100 p.m. To much as a regular burden.
    I trade longer terms as well, getting in with flies or credit spreads at around 100 DTE, holding for about 25 days. But I need data for my delta/theta calculations. I wonder if IB delayed data would suffice.

    Which would be the IB symbol for an optionable FTSE100 index/future?

  7. On IB I think is is Z though the future on UK markets is ES. You don't need to pay for delayed option prices at ICE, just follow the link, register and then used the dropdown
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  9. it's $ 120 a month for the live data feed-which is obscene- all data for the US is free-just shows you what those pathetic numpties in the city hide behind even with their massive advantages
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    It`s just the ICE people, the Russel2000 (Rut) was also (an additinoal)120 bucks p.m, so I didn`t trade it til it migrated midyear to CBOE.
    Which symbol do you use to trade the FTSE options?

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