UK Natural Gas NOV 09 Contract on 10/05: OMG!!!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by TraDaToR, Dec 13, 2009.

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    Are there some IPE traders on board?Tell me it's a joke and they busted the whole thing.

    On both IB and CTS T4,I've got a spike from 0.30 to 3.25, which according to me corresponds to a 90K$ per contract fat finger. Imagine you're waiting with a 10 lot in front of that... Almost - 1M$ in one second. There is a chance asks came back to FV in no time but still...

    IPE has no trading limits. NYMEX has 10K$ per contract trading limits at least. I was contemplating trading on IPE but I don't want to be part of one of those "black swans".

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    Hello, has someone ever seen such a spike in his trading career? or even traded through it?
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    Apparently it was an error. Sorry. The ICE website doesn't report this spike.

    The error is quite on every data provider though. Can someone watch on a reliable source like TT, Zen or CQG if there is an enormous spike on oct 5TH on NOV09 UK Nat gas?

    Thanks a lot.